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Sopot City is located at 520 m above sea level in the fertile valley of the sub-Balkan mountain of Karlovo (Woe to the west of the legendary Rose), just below the steep slopes of the Troyan Balkan Mountain (Central Stara Planina).

It covers an area of 36.37 square kilometers and has a population of 9476 (01.01.2007 census). It is located 5 km west of Karlovo, 136 km east of Sofia, 63 km north of Plovdiv and 61 km south of Troyan.

The landscape and climate are influenced by specific characteristics of the river valley Stryama, Stara Reka Byala river, the mountains and Vezhen (2198 m) and Botev (2376 m) - highest peak in the Balkan mountain chain.

Recommendations for travel Sopot

- Ivan Vazov Museum
- House Kokovata (cultural monument)
- St.Petru and Paul Church
- Chapel of St. Bogoriditsa (Holy Virgin)
- Monastery of St.Spas