Early Deals Seaside Pomorie, Burgas Bulgaria summer 2024
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Hotel Marina Holiday Club, Pomorie

Hotel Marina Holiday Club  

Pomorie, Burgas, Bulgaria

  • Hotel near beach  
  • Bus (05/26 - 09/22/2024)
  • Airplane (05/26 - 05/25/2025)
  • No transport provided
Complex Salt Lake , Pomorie

Complex Salt Lake   

Pomorie, Burgas, Bulgaria

  • Hotel with parking  
  • Bus (05/25 - 09/22/2024)
  • Airplane (05/25 - 05/24/2025)
  • No transport provided

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Pomorie is a modern city, located 18 km south of Nessebar, well known for its spa treatments and bird watching. Nearby, Lake Pomorie has a salt content of 70%, being 4 times more salty than sea water. The city was enriched in fact, passed by extracting salt from the lake and in the Ottoman period, was the most important city on the coast, after Varna.

Recommendations for travel Pomorie

You can visit the Monastery of St. George, which shows icons beautifully preserved. Tsar Boris I, pedestrian street downtown is the place for evening walks, both for locals and tutisti.

During a visit to Pomorie, try red wines, which are some of the best in Bulgaria. Also try the local grape brandy, very good taste.
This treatment makes this base station to be sought throughout the year. The beach is 4 km long and decorated with the Blue Flag / Blue Stage. The sand is rich in iron, so it becomes unbearably hot summer.